I am Marie Eckstein, an American businesswoman with a desire to make a difference.

I believe our best hope for improving the lives of impoverished people in third world countries is through educating and empowering women.

I am sharing my Cambodian experiences, working with The Harpswell Foundation  (http://www.harpswellfoundation.org/),  so that others who share this belief can learn about the foundation’s work and support it in its mission to “Empower a New Generation of Women Leaders in Cambodia.”

Read about the amazing young women living in The Harpswell Foundation’s Dormitories and Leadership Centers, and how they are being groomed to be leaders of positive change for their country.

You can also follow my work with Saly, a young woman in a remote village north of Phnom Penh, to launch an export business for beautiful handmade fashion accessories. The purpose of the business is to provide an income source for the young women of the village, allowing them to support their families without moving to the city to work in the garment industry sweat shops under very difficult conditions. All profits are to be returned to the women artisans and the village.

Please visit The Harpswell Foundation website at  http://www.harpswellfoundation.org/  and make a donation to support its  efforts  to  “Empower a New Generation of Women Leaders in Cambodia.”  You can make a difference!